Episode 89 – Interview with Kourtney Thomas – Bigness, Taking up Space, Body Confidence, Mindset

Have you ever thought about taking up more space in the world? Embracing the concept of BIGNESS? Growing bigger muscles? Loving your body? Knocking down your conditioning and really spending time figuring out you are not in relation to your body?

Well, hold on to your seats because this interview with Kourtney Thomas is an incredible one. If you’re anything like me you have struggled (and potentially for a long time) with:

  • Body image insecurity
  • Food obsession
  • Using exercise and work outs to “burn off” the calories you ate
  • Spent way too much time worrying about how you look in your clothes
  • Let your food and body thoughts take up too much space in your head and your life

Kourtney share with us her journey from being mostly inactive as a kid to finding fitness for her own health and then turning it into a career. As a personal trainer, she found out like I did that movement and exercise are simply the gateway to so much more. Kourtney has expanded her coaching to include mindset and so much more while still having a focus on the physical body.


Interview with Kourtney Thomas. Creating a BIG life, taking up more space, owning your body, and reshaping your mindset. Embracing BIGNESS.


You are really going to love this interview and resonate with so much of what she and I discuss. I promise that it will change your life when you think about living a BIG life and taking up more space.




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