Episode 88 – Interview with Amy Kuretsky – What is Breathwork?

Could breathing change your life? Amy Kuretsky would say so. I am so excited for you to learn about the practice of breathwork. If you haven’t met Amy yet – head on over to Episode 49 where we talked with her about acupuncture, Chinese medicine, health coaching and her definition of self care.

I wanted to have Amy back on the show because she has become very passionate about breathwork and the power it can have in your life. (You might be asking – how is breathwork different from breathing?) I had that same question.

Breathwork is a practice of a 3-part breath – stomach, heart/chest and out through the mouth. In this episode Amy and I talk about how we often have feelings stuffed down and this breathwork brings them up and out. It can be incredibly powerful.

I shared my experience with breathwork and it created quite a bit of resistance for me. I won’t give all of it away here – you’re going to have to tune in.



If you live in the Twin Cities – Amy is local here and I urge you to check her out. You can work with her in many capacities.

  • Free 7-Day Breathwork Challenge – FIND IT HERE
  • Breathwork Sessions
  • Accupuncture
  • Group Coaching
  • Individual Health Coaching
  • Events (including one at Joshua Tree) but also in Minneapolis
  • Monthly Membership

You can find all of her amazing offerings HERE and learn more about Amy.

This episode is also a perfect match for you if you feel stuck in life, know you have limiting beliefs or barriers keeping you from achieving what you want out of life or have had trauma.





P.S. If you’re ready for a kickstart in your life and more in-depth focus on your goals – set up a time for a virtual coffee chat – www.talktolindsey.com

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