Episode 87 – Interview with Ashley Bruggman – Creating Financial Health

Have you ever considered money and finances to be a part of your health? This topic is often swept under the rug, can create a lot of shame, and produces a ton of stress. There are so many areas of your finances to consider: debt, income, spending, car loans, house payments, daily coffee habits, gym memberships, dog bills, and so much more.

On this episode I chatted with my friend Ashley about the journey she took with her husband (not willingly might I add)! Once they united on their approach they were able to conquer an incredible amount of debt (listen to find out how much and in what period of time).


Episode 87 of the Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast. Have you ever considered your financial situation to be a part of your health? Being worried or stressed about your financial situation can cause many significant impacts on your health. On this episode we talk with Ashley about the journey her and her husband Dustin took in order to take control of their future. It was not without a lot of stress, heartache, challenges and improved communication.

It was not without struggle, arguments, improved communication and dedication. So if your finances are causing you stress and inevitably having an impact on your health  – this episode is a must listen.

Ashely gives us simple steps that we can start with today and she walks us through the daily habits they did to take control of their finances and long term wealth.

Before listening you can start thinking about some of these questions:

  • What is your income to debt ratio?
  • How much do you have in an emergency fund?
  • How much are you spending per month on coffee?
  • What happens if your dog has a surprise surgery?
  • What is your grocery budget?
  • What is your 10 year goal – purchase a house? Be debt free?
  • What would financial freedom mean to you?




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