Episode 133: Interview With Suzy Simonson – Stroke to Sucess

What would you do if you had a stroke at age 28? It’s a hard question to even comprehend. My guest today Suzy Simonson did just that – had a stroke at age 28 and has recovered and turned her life into a success. Her story is sure to inspire you to be grateful for every day but it also reminds us of the power of the human spirit and positive and hopeful thinking.


In This Episode We Talk About:


  • Suzy’s story both personally, professionally and health wise  prior to her stroke
  • What her family did that pulled her through and onto success
  • The factors she thinks about every day in regards to her health
  • How she turned her struggle into her story
  • And so much more


Suzy’s passion for life is contagious and I know you will love this episode.


Stroke to Success - Suzy Simonson



About Suzy: Stroke To Success


Resilient, refreshing and relatable success strategist, survived a stroke at the age of 28. Teaches your audience to develop tools necessary to live life to the fullest, personally and professionally.

Best selling author, Suzy (Wigstadt) Simonson given a low percent to fully recover Suzy applied her years of sales success methods to discover the parallels between healing from her stroke and the process of finding her confident voice.

Through her 18+ years of experience as an entrepreneur and in sales, Suzy has learned that confidence is a muscle. It is something you can strengthen WHEN you choose to. She inspires you to always try again, no matter your situation, this applies to both your personal and professional life.

Suzy takes her passion for people, finding their purpose and providing structure through a 6 figure program to encourage others to live a successful life. We are not guaranteed tomorrow, so why not live to the fullest today?!

Suzy provides out of the box success and sales solutions and strategies, providing amazing plans of connection first. This structure that is based on Massive Imperfect Action.

Acronyms and storytelling, are a refreshing strength in Suzy’s communication style. As Suzy developed a training program for her dream clients she put together what it takes to move forward and pursue WHO YOU ARE … and what you’re meant to do, through Massive Imperfect Action.

M – Everything starts and ends with your Mindset

A – How you Approach people matters

S – Your Soul KNOWS before your mind understands

S – Sales and Success is FUN!!

There it is the MASS, in Massive Imperfect Action!! It is a process that can be used in every area of our lives!!

Suzy Simonson - Stroke to Success


Fun Facts About Suzy:


  • I lead with my heart.
  • Trust my gut in all things.
  • Draw out the depth in people.
  • Am an extravert who hates small talk.
  • I LOVE chocolate covered coffee beans & don’t love coffee or chocolate (unless it’s white chocolate!)


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