Episode 125: Interview with Kathy and Marc Tatone – Living an Unconventional Retirement and Traveling the World

Have you ever thought about what you will do in your retirement? Maybe you will volunteer, have time to relax, or travel? I think travel is one of the most common responses I hear and one of my personal goals. But I have yet to meet two people who are really truly living it. Kathy and Marc are living an unconventional retirement and it’s incredible.

I met Kathy and Marc Tatone a few years ago when they became clients of mine at the gym. I found out that 10-15 years ago they set a goal of retiring and living in another country and traveling. They had made financial plans, created a timeline for Marc to leave his job and Kathy for selling her business, and the time to leave was vastly approaching.

We trained with lots of squats and planking so they would feel fit and ready. I watched as they sold their house, their cars and all of their possessions except two suitcases worth and then they were OFF.



They have lived in South America for over 7 months now and have no plans of coming back for good. I wanted you to hear their story because I personally find it very inspiring. I do not often hear of people making a huge life plan and then truly executing it. We talked about so many things.


  • How and when they created their life plan
  • WHY they wanted to live this way
  • The prep work it took
  • Adventures from their travels
  • Unique foods
  • Navigating their way through new cities and meeting new people


Living an Unconventional Retirement and Traveling the World


But more importantly we dove into:

  • Life after kids as a couple
  • Learning how to truly communicate and bond with your spouse
  • The insecurities traveling brings up
  • Knowing how to trust yourself
  • Open and honest communication
  • Being true to your hopes and dreams


Planking on the equator

(Planking on the Equator)


I learned so much from Kathy as a business role model (she owned an elder law/estate planning business). And now it is my joy to watch them adventure around the world and learn from them while they are in this phase of life.

Make sure to follow along and read their blog. You can find it at Never2Late4Adventure (best name – right?) as they chronicle their adventures weekly.


With blogs such as:






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