Episode 103 – Interview with Francis Lackner – Santa, One More Day Above the Roses, and Giving Back

How are we going to tie together Santa, “One More Day Above the Roses,” and giving back into one episode??

Well I promise that we do and it will all make sense. And I truly feel like I can’t give too much away because there’s so much good stuff in the episode.

Francis is a fellow Tough Mudder but as I mentioned before – keep reading and keep listening even if you have no desire (EVER) to do a race. The insights and lessons you will learn from Francis will be inspiring and you can take them into your every day life (not just in the mud).




Francis has an incredible heart and you will be inspired by his story of a Christmas wish, living life by the motto “One More Day Above the Roses” and how he gives back more and more and more.

I have a rose in my home given to me by Francis and it is a constant reminder to be grateful every day, to live life and to really go out there and help others.

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