Episode 108 – Elissa Cohen – Periods, Stress, and Health

It’s time we talk about periods. Periods are personal, intricate, specific to you and are a huge indicator of health. On this episode I was honored to talk with Elissa Cohen and we immediately connected on so many levels including what “stress” means to each of us and how it relates to our periods and health.

Elissa shared her personal story of losing her period, getting it back, and then being so stressed with an emotional time in her life that her period changed and what she did it get it back on track. We talked about the “symptoms” of periods and how they can be clues and indicators of other health markers in our bodies.

In addition to these topics we also dove into the topic of birth control including reasons to take it, reasons not to take it, what it does to our hormones, what to expect when going off the pill and so much more.

You do not want to miss this episode. It is so vital for your health.



Elissa Cohen is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Functional Diagnostic Health Coach and hormone expert. She uses functional lab work and supportive health coaching to help women who struggle with hormonal imbalance, irregular periods, PMS, fatigue, and weight they can’t seem to lose. She believes that our bodies know how to heal themselves. Sometimes they just need some help along the way!




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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/e.c.functional.wellness/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ecfunctionalwellness/

Website: http://www.ecfunctionalwellness.com


Your Period is a Vital Sign

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