Crappy Day – 5 Things I Do When I’m Having a Crappy Day

What do you do when you're having a crappy day?

Maybe you wallow in it, run away, take a nap, eat snacks, watch tv or vent to a friend. All valid things to do.

Last week I had one of those days. The kind where nothing you do seems to change direction on the day. So, I did these things instead.


In this episode, I share 5 things I do when I'm having a crappy day and a crappy mindset. To be clear, I also tend to eat snacks and vent to a friend.


I also have learned a lot from my crappy days. And the idea isn't to get rid of these days and be happy all the time, it's to lean in and learn more about yourself.

What do you do on your crappy days?

I work on this a lot with clients and it comes up in coaching frequently.

What do I do on days I feel lost?





The first of my 5 things I do is to identify what it is I'm feeling and just be honest. If I'm feeling like an imposter in my work...I let myself feel that way. Instead of glossing over it and simply saying "oh no, you're so good at your work."

Yes, I am good at my work, but I also feel like an imposter sometimes.

The honesty helps me to feel it and be able to move on to the next step.

Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast with Lindsey Heiserman. Season 5, Episode 8 "5 Things I Do When I'm Having a Crappy Day" Crappy Day

Listen to the episode below:

The goal isn't to have "NO BAD DAYS" even if those t-shirts out there are telling you otherwise. The goal is to have bad days (because they always show up), to learn from them and then change behavior in the future.


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