Confessions From A Personal Trainer: It Only Takes One Moment of Bravery

True Confession Tuesday:

Where every Tuesday: I confess.

Confession: Sometimes it only takes one moment of bravery.

Next Tuesday I will have a big thing to share with you. But this week I want to tell you the back story.

Last summer I went to the Women’s Fitness Summit in Kansas City. Amazing speakers, motivating stories and industry leaders. Including Krista Scott Dixon of Precision Nutrition.

Many of you will recognize the name Precision Nutrition. I have been a reader and consumer of their information for years and have shared many of their blogs and articles with you. (Think of those great infographics always outlined in blue).

I love the way they present information in a practical and reasonable way. It is a different approach than most in the fitness industry.

Okay- back to the conference. I went home from the conference and clicked “follow” Krista on Facebook. She always shares great articles, promotes thought provoking questions and is generally entertaining.

One day she posted a status that said:

“Precision Nutrition is looking for new blog authors. If you have something interesting to say, send in a cover letter and a writing sample.” 

I love to write. I’m good at writing. I love PN. I should submit something.

So, I promptly saved her post for later instead of taking the obvious action of doing it now.

Then it was Thanksgiving and I kind of forgot about it. I was going through my saved posts on FB and ran across it and thought to myself “This offer is probably not good anymore since I didn’t do it as soon as she put it up.” But I looked and there was no deadline that it had to be submitted.

I put on my brave pants, whipped up a cover letter, dug up one of my previous blog posts that I thought would be applicable to this audience, and before I could think twice – I sent off my proposal to a company I hold in the highest regard.

And wouldn’t you know it – my article is finished (a lot of work happened between November and now) and is set to publish with one of the biggest powerhouse companies in the industry.

HOLY COW. Did I just do that?

Yes I did. And it only took one insane moment of bravery and positive self thought and talk where I said to myself “You are a good writer and this will happen for you.”

Sometimes it only takes one moment of bravery. 


It’s also really easy to let the moments of bravery pass you by. I almost had myself talked out of sending in a proposal. But I thought to myself “What’s the worst thing that happens? They say no? Okay, at least I did it.”

But more importantly I asked myself “What if they say yes?”

These moments happen all the time. 


  • Should I apply for that new position at work?
  • Should I leave my job?
  • Should I jump off that tall building? (okay, that took 2 moments of bravery to get me to jump off the Stratosphere – but I did it!)
  • Should I say yes to going to that networking event?
  • Should I say yes to taking that Zumba class?
  • Should I say yes to learning a new language or instrument?
  • Should I get a puppy?
  • Should I travel?
  • Should I take days off work?
  • Should I give up alcohol?
  • And more and more and more

Our subconscious mind will always want to talk us out of making a brave decision, but if we can override that force, amazing things can happen.

I can’t wait to share my article with you next week – it will be published on Tuesday February 14th so the weekly email may be sent out a little later than normal so I can find it on the web and share it with you first.

Find your moment of bravery and GO FOR IT. 


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  1. Kim T on March 9, 2017 at 6:36 pm

    Hi, I’m not sure if you’re referring to the same post but I just came across your post on PN about “not being fit enough to be a trainer” and I just wanted to let you know it was an amazing post! It was so relatable as I’ve had the same crippling insecurity when I decided to become a PT and still have that daunting thought in my head but your post really helped putting things in perspective about focusing on coaching skills instead. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Lindsey Heiserman on March 9, 2017 at 7:33 pm

      Thank you so much!!! Yes it is in reference to that article. I knew it was a topic that would resonate with many and I truly think it holds some amazing coaches back from getting into the field. If you ever want to chat about it – you just let me know. Thank you for reading. Take care! Lindsey

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