Confessions From A Personal Trainer: I saw the movie – Sausage Party

True Confession Tuesday:


Where every Tuesday: I confess.

Confession: I saw the movie Sausage Party…..and I liked it.

If you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, I’ll give you a minute to watch the trailer HERE. The movie is crude, rude, inappropriate, shocking, contains so much foul language, but is a creation you can’t stop watching. And has so many lessons from which we can learn.

The story is about food in a supermarket who have dreams of going to “The Great Beyond” with humans. They live their whole life in anticipation of being chosen and living an outrageously amazing life once outside the walls of the supermarket. They soon learn that they are going to die when chopped, cooked, and eaten by humans. The story continues with Frank the hot dog making it his mission to tell everyone about the lie they’ve been told and save them. Along the way he encounters so many foods of various backgrounds and stories.

I won’t give the rest away in case you are planning to see it!

My heart broke for all the foods as they learned that what they had been believing their whole life was a LIE. Life outside the walls of the supermarket was not what they thought.

Has this ever happened to you? Have you lived in anticipation of what is to come? What is in “The Great Beyond?” And your expectations are either so high or so wrong that you are so disappointed???

Or maybe you’ve created a story in your head that is not at all reality? And somehow you find yourself living by that story?? One day you wake up and realize it’s not true?

Lesson 1 from Sausage Party: Life can be full of false expectations and false stories. You have to get honest and clear with yourself in order to move onward.

Along Frank’s journey he meets all kinds of foods in the supermarket and realizes that they all have value, insight, and he encourages all of them to work together (we need this in the world!). Fantastic things happen when foods from different aisles come together and work towards a goal of overcoming the lie they’ve been told.

Lesson Number 3 from Sausage Party. Food can tell us so much if we pay attention.

  • Do you feel energetic when you eat a food?
  • Do you feel sluggish when you eat a food?
  • How does food affect your hormones?
  • How does your food affect your digestion?
  • Do you try new foods? Ethnic foods?
  • Does food give you joy?
  • How much guilt and shame do you have with food?
  • Are you trapped in a diet mentality?
  • Are you obsessed with how much you eat?
  • Does food soothe you when you’re stressed?

Whether you can handle crude, rude, inappropriate, “what is happening?” humor or not, take some time and listen to what your food is trying to tell you. It has a lot to say and you have a lot to learn.


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