Confessions From A Personal Trainer: I LOVE my purple hair

True Confession Tuesday:


Where every Tuesday: I confess.

Confession: I love my new purple hair.

I got a wild hair (haha pun intended) to add a pop of color to my hair. Truth be told, I’ve thought about it for months or years but have been slightly too chicken to do it.

“What if it doesn’t go back to blonde?”

“What if I hate it?”

“What if other people think it’s weird?”

“What if …….?”

“What if……..?”

I finally asked myself again “What if?” And I realized I had no reason not to do it. I truly do not care if other people like it, because I love it. My hair colorist is amazing and will make sure it goes back to blonde if I want it to.  And it has given me a little spark and pep in my step.

So I ask you – have you put purple in your hair lately? I ask this because  now that I have purple hair I notice ALL the people with purple hair.  But I really want to know if you have put figurative purple in your hair – meaning – what have you said yes to that you have been contemplating but have had reservations about?

Have you?

  • Tried a new restaurant?

  • Signed up for an event you’ve never done?

  • Tried a new food?

  • Traveled to a new place?

  • Bought an article of clothing you wouldn’t normally buy?

  • Gone for a job opportunity you believe is beyond you?

  • Slept in for a day until you woke up?

  • Gone to a dance class?

  • Driven a new way to work?

  • Taken a day off of work to “play?”

I recently read Shonda Rhime’s book “Year of Yes” and I found myself surprisingly bored because I thought to myself “I already do this stuff.” And by “this stuff” I mean – things outside of your comfort zone and things that make you uncomfortable.

*It is a great read.*

She talks about how she found herself scared, ashamed, nervous, uncomfortable, stressed, and to the point where she didn’t even recognize herself because she didn’t do anything outside of work and family. She said NO to everything. So for one year she promised herself to say YES.

She said yes to:

  • Speaking events when she was terrified of public speaking

  • Formal group gatherings of famous people

  • Children’s events and programs

  • Working out

  • Changing up her eating

  • Opening up to a relationship

  • And more and more

She changed and transformed her life. And none of that would have happened without saying YES. I have a friend/client who tries to go buy this motto “When someone asks me to do something, I try to say YES.” (Of course if these questions involve danger – a no will do!) 🙂

This week I encourage you to put purple in your hair. 

There are SO many things in my life I have been scared to do, nervous when I think about them, and frankly didn’t really want to do at the time but because I said YES, they changed my life for the better.

I want to know from you – How are you going to change your life by saying YES??  EMAIL ME.



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