Confessions From A Personal Trainer: I LOVE Burgers

True Confession Tuesday:

Where every Tuesday: I confess.

Confession: I LOVE burgers. And apparently burgers give life lessons.

Can I also say that it makes me so happy when a client brings this piece of advertisement to me and says “This made me think of you” and it is 100% me and very representative of my life and training philosophy.


Life Lessons From A Burger:

  • Be open to trying new things – there are so many burgers out there that are a little crazy and at first glance you might not think it would be delicious. But keep an open mind and good things can happen. For example – my favorite is the “Jiffy” at the Blue Door Pub. Burger, cheese, peanut butter, bacon, and mayo. Don’t knock it until you TRY IT. Go out on a limb, try a new burger. And new things in life.


  • All good things are messy – if that’s not the truth! Relationships, work, children, health, and life in general can be messy. But if you can let the mayo, the tomato juice, and the cheese all run down your hands and get gross and sticky – you are going to be so happy and satisfied with your burger. Just dive in and get after it – mess and all! No silverware required.


  • Balance is very important – If you mess with the ratio of the cheese to the meat or the meat to the bun – it ruins a good burger. I tend to like a bunless burger so my balance is often out of whack (haha!). Just like a delicious, perfectly balanced burger we need to do that in all areas of our life. It can be hard – to make a perfect burger or to balance life but it’s worth it in the end. Sometimes you may even have to remove a tomato or a pickle if you don’t like those to achieve a good balance for you. You might like double cheese or extra lettuce. What balance do you need in life?


  • What matters is on what’s inside – I don’t like my burger with any pink. Nope. I’ll send it back. What’s on the inside matters. I want it to be done. Maybe even slightly well done. But other people like it medium with some pink. To each- their own. If you’re going to have a perfectly tasting burger, it needs to be to your liking and your preferences. None of the toppings will taste as good if the inside is bad. And sometimes the best tasting burger is a simple burger patty. Go past the toppings and the exterior of the burger into the insides. What matters is what’s on the inside. 🙂

I hope you can have a delicious burger this week!


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