Confessions From A Personal Trainer: I Have A Podcast

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Confession: I have a podcast.

Well, not yet. But all the psychology books I studied in school said to act “as if.” To put yourself in the mental place where you act, think, and become what you want to be. So, that means, I am a podcaster.

Ever since I discovered podcasts, I have been listening to them daily, and I love the knowledge, passion, expertise, and personalization you get from them. I can listen to them while walking the dogs, driving, doing dishes, cooking and more. Hearing the person’s voice adds another dimension and you can understand and feel their message coming through.

About a month ago I got an email from client that said “I can’t wait for the whole world to hear you.” Now that’s a powerful statement. Later that day I was talking to another client who happened to say “You have a lot more to say than what you put in your Tuesday emails.” 

Both of those statements hit me and I started to think – why can’t I have my own podcast? Why can’t I share my message through audio? What makes me any different than any one else who started a podcast?

Before I could chicken out:

  • I ordered a podcast microphone (Step 1),

  • Checked to see if I have Garage Band on my computer (Step 2).

  • Set a deadline for releasing a first episode – August 17th (Step 3).

  • I am declaring it to people so I have to stay accountable (Step 4).

Scary – yes. Unknown – yes. Can I do it – yes.

Starting a podcast is like anything new you start in life. You have to step into it “as-if” and go for it. You will learn along the way, and you’ll make mistakes.

I can tell you this – if I don’t do it – I’ll regret it.

If you have something burning in the back of your mind that you want to do, ACT AS IF and just start doing it. Order the microphone and set a deadline.

I truly can’t wait to share my new podcast with you and I would love your suggestions. Right now my ideas are coming together but I am always open.

  • Do you have a suggestion for a name?
  • Topics you would like covered?
  • Optimal length of time?
  • Anything else?


When you email me – also put in your big, scary ideas that you want to act “as if” and start doing – I can’t wait to hear about them.



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