Confessions From A Personal Trainer: I Have A Magic Pill

“The Magic Pill”


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I’ve had many discussions lately with clients and friends about this illusive magic pill. If only there was such a thing. But the thing is – there is. It’s your mindset. Especially when it comes to losing weight or getting healthy. Often we are coming from such a low point and have tried so many things, but what is frequently missing is the 80% knowing that you can. Believing in yourself. I couldn’t believe when I found the graphic above because it was the first time I had seen someone or a picture acknowledge the importance of your mindset.

When I did World’s Toughest Mudder last year I watched people pack up their bags and leave before the 24 hours was over. I simply couldn’t understand why. Most of them not injured (some obviously were) but most simply left because they gave up. They stopped believing that they could do it or they gave into the voice in their head that said “this is hard, we’re not going to make it.” I went into that event with the powerful belief that I would complete it, I would not stop (unless injured) and I KNEW I COULD DO IT.

Taking control of your health, wellness, and your life can be difficult, challenging, it can knock you down and make you not want to get back up. And it is certainly easier to just order a pizza and sit on the couch.

There is a magic pill. It is deep down belief in yourself. Truly believing that you’re worth it, that you can accomplish it and committing to yourself that you will work for it. It’s usually not easy but without the 80% belief in yourself, it’s impossible.

  • Tried a certain type of diet?
  • Tried an exercise class?
  • Ate vegetables?
  • Gave up gluten?
  • Drank more water?
  • Deprived yourself of every kind of food you love?
  • And you still gave up? Didn’t believe you could do it?


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I love this quote. Sure, there are setbacks – all the time. But not believing in yourself is like slashing all 3 of your other tires. You won’t go anywhere.

From the bottom of my heart – you are worth believing in. Start believing in yourself, your ability, and the simple fact that you’re worth it and magic will start to happen. 

There is a magic pill after all.


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