Confessions From A Personal Trainer: I completely forgot what day it was

True Confession Tuesday:

Where every Tuesday: I confess.

Confession: Today is OBVIOUSLY not Tuesday. I completely spaced writing my email this week.

Whoops. I guess the 3 day weekend got to me and I lost track of all of my days and didn’t realize until yesterday (Thursday) that I hadn’t sent out my weekly email.

I was stressed out for a moment because I like to be consistent. I also like to deliver thoughtful emails every week and include it as a part of my job and I felt like I had failed one component.

But here’s the thing – LIFE HAPPENS. That extra day of the weekend was fun, enjoyable, relaxing, and refreshing.

Not only do 3 day weekends happen but……

  • Vacations happen
  • Work trips happen
  • Dinners out with friends happen
  • Sick kids happen
  • Car breakdowns happen
  • Work stress happens

Have you ever had one of these life interruptions and found it difficult to get back to your routine, back to your groove? “Oh well, this week is already ruined – I might as well wait until Monday to start back again.” That kind of mentality?

We often let this life interruptions throw us completely out of whack. We let it disrupt our healthy eating, our sleep patterns, our exercise habits and more.

What truly matters is how you bounce back and find your rhythm again.

So if you have felt a little out of sync this week – I encourage you to eat a healthy meal, try to get a few extra minutes (hours) of sleep and exercise. 

You got this. Those life interruptions can be SO worth it. Enjoy the weekend.




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