Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast - "How Life is Different After the Pandemic"

How Life is Different After the Pandemic

By Lindsey Heiserman / March 22, 2023

How has it been 3 years since the start of the pandemic? I went down the rabbit hole of my phone pictures and videos from March 2020 and WOW. What a time. Honestly, the start of the pandemic lockdown was fun, relaxing and a change of pace that I think many of us really valued.…

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Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast with Lindsey Heiserman. Season 5, Episode 8 "5 Things I Do When I'm Having a Crappy Day" Crappy Day

Crappy Day – 5 Things I Do When I’m Having a Crappy Day

By Lindsey Heiserman / March 14, 2023

What do you do when you’re having a crappy day? Maybe you wallow in it, run away, take a nap, eat snacks, watch tv or vent to a friend. All valid things to do. Last week I had one of those days. The kind where nothing you do seems to change direction on the day.…

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Interview With Ashley Pardo - Radical Honesty

How to Create Radical Honesty in Your Life – Interview With Ashley Pardo

By Lindsey Heiserman / March 7, 2023

Do you have radical honesty with yourself? Chances are, no. Radical honesty can be hard to cultivate, but is a key to the rest of your life. When you deny your truth (in any area of life), you are more likely to be unhappy, burnt out, overwhelmed and “clueless” about what to do. Ashey Pardo…

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Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast. "3 Questions to Ask While Decluttering" Season 5, Episode 6

3 Decluttering Questions to Ask Yourself

By Lindsey Heiserman / March 1, 2023

It’s all connected. Our mental, physical and emotional health. What can be overlooked is the clutter in our spaces – home, office and mind. In this episode, I talk about 3 decluttering questions that could help you have an easier time deciding what to get rid of, what to donate and what to keep. I also…

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Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast - Interview With Bland Matthews - CEO of Berserker Brew Coffee. A photo of him

The Best Organic Coffee – An Interview With Bland Matthews – the CEO of Berserker Brew Coffee

By Lindsey Heiserman / February 21, 2023

Have you had the best organic coffee? Maybe. I am a self-proclaimed (and other people say this too) “coffee snob.” Which really means I have to come to like and appreciate organic beans, low acidity and dark coffee. Do you know some of the facts about coffee beans and pesticides? Does coffee make your stomach…

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Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast - Interview with Buffie Dumas - Worlds Toughest Mudder participant. Photo of her at the event.

Worlds Toughest Mudder – An Interview With Buffie Dumas. Completing WTM at age 66.

By Lindsey Heiserman / February 21, 2023

Worlds Toughest Mudder – a 24 hour obstacle course race. And arguably one of the most challenging endurance events out there. In this episode, I interview my good friend Buffie Dumas who shares her story of completing the event at age 66. Not quite sure what Worlds Toughest Mudder is? Check out more information HERE.…

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Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast Cover Photo - Interview with Ellen Boschwitz

A Strength Training Podcast – an Interview With Ellen Boschwitz about Strength Training As You Age

By Lindsey Heiserman / February 21, 2023

This is a fun strength training and more podcast. I interview my long time client Ellen Boschwitz about her her life, her journey into strength training and our relationship through the years. She just turned 87!!!! and is still doing her strength training, yoga, and staying fit and active through daily life activities. It hasn’t…

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Lindsey Heiserman Coaching. "Mind Muscle and Movement" Podcast Episode 24. "My Story - Working at a Corporate Gym for 9 Years"

My Story – Working 9 Years at a Corporate Gym

By Lindsey Heiserman / August 16, 2022

What a ride.⁣⁣From 2006-2015 I was a personal trainer at a corporate gym. It was ROUGH for a lot of those years, with a few really sweet spot years in the middle, and a rocky finish.⁣⁣Starting, growing and building a personal training (or other client focused) business is hard. It’s a sales job, a personal…

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Lindsey Heiserman Coaching. Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast. "3 Things I Wish I Had Known About Business"

3 Things I Wish I Had Known in Business

By Lindsey Heiserman / August 9, 2022

After 16 years building my personal training and coaching business, I reflect on 3 things I wish I had known earlier. Does this mean I would change anything- not particularly. However, if you’re just starting out in your business, these could be helpful. (Hint – one of them is about taxes  – of course!)  …

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Lindsey Heiserman Coaching. Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast Season 3, Episode 22. Interview With Robin Legat "Business Owner Turned Employee"

Interview With Robin Legat – From Business Owner to Employee

By Lindsey Heiserman / July 21, 2022

Did you catch the last podcast episode with Stephanie?? You can listen to it HERE.   (read more HERE). Stephanie and I had a very honest talk about her experience as a business owner for years, through the pandemic and her return to a teaching career while still running her gym. In this episode we discuss:…

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