“I can help you get 5-8 HIGH PAYING clients a month” is the DIET CULTURE of business.

Diet culture is in full force now in the new year. Lose 10 lbs, exercise 5x/week, join our gym and ALL OF YOUR DREAMS WILL COME TRUE.

Or not.

It’s taken me a long time to grow on my own journey to realize that thinness and the promises diet culture bring, won’t actually bring me the happiness, joy and satisfaction I falsely believed it would.

Maybe you are still on this journey – it’s a challenging one for sure.

Keeping diet culture in mind, we are going to transition to LinkedIn (weird transition, I know, hang with me). I’ve been spending more time there networking and talking about FWB Mentorship (Fitness & Wellness Business) Coaching Program.

If you have the word coach or consultant or trainer in your bio on LinkedIn, you likely receive anywhere from 5-8 (see what I did there) messages in your inbox every day from “business coaches” or agencies bombarding you with their promise.

This messaging is just like diet culture. It’s HIGHLY problematic. 


They are preying on business owners (like me and you) to buy their “solution to all of your problems.” And then you’ll have the perfect business with so much money.

It’s like the promise of being “thin.” And it never works.

I get (on average) at least 10 inbox messages every day on LinkedIn promising me “I can help you get 5-8 high paying clients a month.” 


Lindsey Heiserman Coaching - Coaching and Diet Culture


Most of the time these are automated messages and the sender has zero intention of talking to me like a human. And they have even less interest in my business or helping me. They are simply looking to funnel me as a lead into their business of “5-8 high paying clients per month.”

I don’t often reply, but when I do, I light it up. 🔥🔥🔥

I took my fiery feelings and wrote about them on LinkedIn. You can read that article HERE.


Bottom line – do better. Business is simply making connections and building trust. Not spamming people with your empty promises of a “perfect business” with “high paying clients.”


Oh and if you’ve fallen victim to this type of business practice – me too. Me too. I know that together we can raise the standards and do business in a HUMAN way.


Lindsey Heiserman Coaching


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