You have the ideas.

You have the skills.

You have the passion.


You are READY to start your business and generate income.


And you have absolutely no idea how to create a business that will actually make you money.


Let's also throw in sales and marketing because with out those things - you have no business. Insert overwhelm, anxiety, and being so frustrated that you probably have stopped trying.


Building a business is not easy, but it is SIMPLE.


You need a plan and someone to keep you accountable, push you and frankly, make you do the hard things outside of your comfort zone.


Business coaching between you and me is a partnership. You are unique and your business will be too. There is no one certain way to do business.


Together we are going to do 4 things.

  • Talk about money - determine how much you want to make and create a business model around that amount. (Also, you have a business so it's helpful to talk about money!)
  • Get clients in the door right away  - this creates momentum and also gets your business started.
  • Ideal Client Creation- business becomes easier when you know who you are looking for and how you can help them.
  • Marketing and Sales - creating a plan to bring in clients and having real discussions about sales.


Want to see if business coaching is the right fit for you?? Click below to set up a call.


Welcome! I'm Lindsey and have been a personal trainer and professional life coach for over 14 years and I love to see people win. Whether that's in the gym, relationships or business. Growing a business is all about relationship building and that's my specialty.


I can't wait to see what you create.