Episode 69 – Interview with Judy Galbraith – Building and Growing a Publishing Company

I first met Judy when she started in my group personal training class at the gym and over time I got to know her better. Not only is she an incredibly kind and generous woman but she has a great story of building a business from scratch combining her passions and her strengths with a need she saw in her industry.

As a former classroom teacher and specialist in gifted education, Judy Galbraith recognized a clear need for books to help children and teens navigate life’s challenges. Judy founded Free Spirit Publishing in 1983 becoming the first publisher to focus on self-help materials to help young people lead better lives. Her first books, and the first titles for Free Spirit Publishing, grew out of her master’s thesis paper, and they’re still in print today . . . The Gifted Kids’ Survival Guides (for ages 10 & underand for teens).

Read more abut Judy on her website HERE.

In this interview you will learn:


  • Where and how she started her company


  • What it took her to grow to the 25 employees she has today


  • What she does to keep employees engaged


  • Business ups and down – the most painful period of time


  • Why her books are important – especially today


  • How she serves her industry


  • and MORE



Fun Facts About Judy:

  • I have done a lot of international travel, and I believe I’m a better person for it. I strongly recommend going places where you’ll be out of your comfort zone. The two countries I’ve been to that were the most challenging for me were Tanzania and Mozambique.


  • I’ve been a vegetarian for about 40 years, and I attribute some of my good health and energy levels to the fact that I don’t eat meat. I quit eating meat after learning about factory farming. I also quit because I love animals so much.


  • I strongly believe in trusting my gut. Whenever I haven’t followed what my gut was telling me, I’ve usually regretted it.


  • I love reading books — the paper kind.


  • My favorite leisure activity is being outside with my rescue dogs, Twiggy and Violet.

You can find more about Judy, Free Spirit and their books on their website FREE SPIRIT PUBLISHING.




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