Did you start your fitness and wellness business for the personal freedom of time and choice? And because you want to help people? 


Maybe you would even describe yourself as "heart centered?" If that's you - keep reading. That includes you life and executive coaches.


You've seen success and now you are feeling overwhelmed by your business and all of your options, choices, clients and decisions???

In your business do you:


  • Have a great roster of clients? And want more?
  • Have a scattered system of payments, email marketing, and branding?
  • Feel overwhelmed by the opportunities in front of you?
  • Know that you need to backtrack and lay some foundations before going forward?


In your life do you feel:


  • Pulled in multiple directions between your business and your life?
  • Distracted because you are always thinking and planning your business in your head?
  • Paralyzed like you can’t move forward in either direction 
  • Trapped by your own schedule (the one you created)

Creating a life and business that you want and desire is within your reach. 


Biz Life Intensive Sessions are for the fitness & wellness pro who is ready to break down and tear apart their current business model (with love) and build it back up on a foundation built for the future.


An intensive session is individualized and is a deep dive for YOU, your life and your business.


What is included:


  • Pre-session get to know you and your business worksheets/audio prep
  • A 2 hour zoom session (recorded so you can go back to it)
  • A post-session recap document with your plan


Topics typically covered (but not limited to):


  • Offers (what you offer, pricing, pyramid of offers)
  • Future planning
  • Branding
  • Content writing
  • Messaging
  • Schedule efficiency
  • Marketing
  • Podcast launching
  • Personal blocks
  • Life and business management
  • Integrating your business into your life


In the application, you will pick your 1-3 focus items for our session together.

Steps For Biz Life Intensive Session

  • Apply

  • Once application received and approved - you will receive an invoice

  • Payment

  • Set Up Session Time

  • Complete the Pre-Session Documents and Prep

  • Session

  • Receive post session recording and plan