The Best Organic Coffee – An Interview With Bland Matthews – the CEO of Berserker Brew Coffee

Have you had the best organic coffee? Maybe.

I am a self-proclaimed (and other people say this too) "coffee snob." Which really means I have to come to like and appreciate organic beans, low acidity and dark coffee.

Do you know some of the facts about coffee beans and pesticides? Does coffee make your stomach feel gross?

This episode is for you!


In this episode I interview Bland Matthews (and share the story about how I even got introduced to his product - Berserker Brew Coffee). Bland has an incredible story about addiction and starting fresh later in life.

Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast - Interview With Bland Matthews - CEO of Berserker Brew Coffee. A photo of him

In this episode all about the best organic coffee Bland and I talk about:

  • Why Bland started a coffee company (of all things)
  • How his coffee is "engineered for athletes"
  • The truths of owning a business
  • His company's story from the ground up
  • Why he loves obstacle racing (me too!!!!)
  • And so much more

Listen to the episode below:

More About Berserker Brew

Read more about Berserker Brew and order HERE.

"Berserker Brew Coffee was created with one purpose: to give high quality coffee back to the coffee lovers of the world. The coffee had to be Organic. USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC. Not marketing Organic where big signs outside a coffee shop declare “organic.” Only 5% of the world’s coffee is truly organic. YET, many coffee shops and roasters claim their coffee is Organic.


While some aspect of the coffee bean or roasting process may be organic, there is no guarantee that it is produced without genetic engineering or chemical processing. Coffee is among the MOST pesticided crop on the planet with upwards of 42 pesticides used.


Coffee beans naturally grow on bushes in the shade, but to increase production and profit, corporate coffee engineers clear huge areas of rainforest and coat the beans with pesticides (up to 250 lbs/acre) to grow more quickly."

Order Berserker Brew

Order your organic coffee HERE. My favorite is the First Attack (red bag).

Bland's story and energy about his life, his company and his purpose will be sure to get you up and moving.

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