BE YOU - Communicate YOUR Message to Clients and Customers

How do you communicate who you are and what you do?


As coaches and consultants, you are GREAT at your work with clients but often struggle to communicate what you do out to the world and with potential clients and customers.

There are also so many options out there to communicate your message (LinkedIn, Instagram, You Tube, Facebook, video, email marketing and so many more).

And when you sit down to write or speak, nothing comes out.


Let’s work together to make it clear for you and for clients and customers.


What will we do? 


  • Discover your personal strengths and create your brand identity through the lens of communication. 


  • Analyze what is out there for options and how they could work for you. (oh and you can't/shouldn't do them all)


    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Clubhouse
    • Video
    • Instagram
    • Email marketing
    • Podcast
    • Website
    • You Tube


  • Design a personal plan for YOU, your brand and your business.
Lindsey Heiserman Coaching - Speaker

6 weeks 


  • Week 1 - Identify strengths through assessments


  • Week 2 - Create your brand identity and message


  • Week 3 - 1-1 Coaching call and market research 


  • Week 4 - Group coaching call to present strengths and brand, get feedback


  • Week 5 - Create your personal communication plan and customer journey


  • Week 6 - 1-1 Coaching Call to go deeper into your plan

BE YOU - Communications Course - $595


  • 2 Individual 1-1 Coaching Calls


  • 1 Group Coaching Call


  • 6 Weeks of Short Podcast Lessons and Worksheets


  • A clear plan forward for you and your business

Marketing, sales, and client acquisition becomes so much easier once you know HOW to share your message in a way that feels good for YOU and who you are.


Dates and Details


  • Start Date - April 5th


  • 1-1 Coaching Call #1 - Week of April 19th


  • Group Coaching Call - Monday April 26th at 2pm CST


  • 1-1 Coaching Call #2 - Week of May 10th

I can't wait to see what happens when you harness your strengths and use them to share your message.

A business truth that is not spoken enough is - you can do business YOUR WAY. That includes what you say, how you say it and the way you express yourself.


Let's do this!!

Lindsey Heiserman Coaching