How to Create Radical Honesty in Your Life – Interview With Ashley Pardo

Do you have radical honesty with yourself? Chances are, no. Radical honesty can be hard to cultivate, but is a key to the rest of your life.

When you deny your truth (in any area of life), you are more likely to be unhappy, burnt out, overwhelmed and "clueless" about what to do.

Ashey Pardo is on the podcast for an incredible discussion about radical honesty as it relates to our bodies, food, mindset, exercise, habits and so much more.

Interview With Ashley Pardo - Radical Honesty

In this episode we discuss:

  • My personal back story about weight, exercise, body image and how it has dramatically changed over the years
  • Ashley shares her similar story and how radical honesty changed her life in so many ways
  • How to take a step back and really look at your truth
  • The current state of the weight industry - extremes from anti-diet to restriction
  • How to listen to your needs and desires
  • Cardio vs weights vs walking vs the things you like
  • Where to start

Ashley and I could have talked forever about our stories, the industry and where we are now.

About Ashley

Ashley Pardo is a functional nutritional therapy practitioner, business coach, and former private chef.

She has been coaching women 1:1 and in groups on sustainable weight loss, cooking, and how to build a positive + calm relationship with food since 2015 using her signature nutrition framework, Intuitive Macros.

Ashley loves nature, flowers, astrology, mountains, food, and reading - she lives in sunny LA with her doggie, Miss Faye.

Fun Facts About Ashley

1. Spanish was my first language, and I'm also fluent-ish in Italian.

2. Sopranos is my favorite TV show.

3. I'd rather be reading than doing anything else.

4. In another life I'd have a flower business (my true obsession!).

5. My favorite foods are salmon and peanut butter - but not together 🙂


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