Are You An Under-Earner?

Are you an under-earner?

Such an interesting question.

Are you an under-earner? An under-achiever? An under-“just about anything” in life?

I was listening to a podcast from Brooke Castillo and the Life Coach School (listen here) about under-earning. As I nodded my head when she was describing traits of being an under-earner it really got me thinking.

How often do we self sabotage? Or stop before we are even getting started? But most importantly – are we honest enough with ourselves and what we want?

Being honest with yourself is key to knowing if you’re truly under-earning, under-achieving, etc.

If you desire MORE, if you know you’re capable of MORE and you truly WANT more and are not earning it – that’s when you have to start paying attention.

Do your actions line up with your desires?

Traits of being an under-earner:

  • Undercharging for goods/services
  • Thinking that your salary is permanently set and you have no ability to create more income
  • Lacking creativity of how to create more income
  • Pushing business/money making opportunities away
  • Overspending often goes hand in hand with under earning (not always-they can be separate)

Those are just a few of the traits. But what really got me thinking is about knowing that you’re capable of more. So often (too often) we settle, we don’t think big enough, and we limit ourselves in a big way.

Do you do this? I know I do.

And then there’s the part about honesty. Being honest about what you desire and believing there’s a way to make it happen. So many many things cloud our idea of what’s possible (family and social values, beliefs, history, experiences, lack of proof, etc).

I challenge you think about ways in which you are “under” doing something in your life. Maybe it’s under earning with your money, maybe it’s under achieving with your goals. It might be under committing to your relationships. There really are endless possibilities.


Here’s a simple formula for you think about this.



What is my true desire? What do I REALLY want?



Am I thinking and believing accurate thoughts about this?? Do I believe it can happen/be true?



Do my actions line up with my desires and will my actions produce those results? If not, change actions.



Do my results line up with my desires? If not, go back to thoughts and actions and keep going.



Let me know how this plays out in your life – EMAIL ME! Let’s talk about it.






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