meet Lindsey

I couldn't finish the mile in elementary school.

I never had enough eye/ hand coordination to play sports, and I grew up eating all the "diet" food. I carefully packed my lunch, counting each fat-free chocolate chip mini cookie (while eating as many as I could while packing.)

I got an ab roller for my 12th birthday and I even had a homemade wooden step to do Kathy Smith step aerobic videos in my living room.

I wanted desperately, more than anything, to lose weight, look better, participate in sports, and be like the "cool kids."

When I finally figured out how to do these things, my life changed.

What started out as my intention to be like the "cool kids" turned into so much more.

It changed the trajectory of my life.

I taught myself how to use the weight lifting machines at the local YMCA when I was 14, and I never looked back. I realized that organized sports were not my thing, but fitness was. I fell in love with weight lifting, kickboxing, running, and I started to feel like the person I knew I was meant to be.

Becoming physically strong also created mental and emotional strength in my life.

There was no wavering in my decision to study exercise science in college.

I knew without a doubt I wanted to study health, fitness, wellness, nutrition, and all the things that had changed my life.

After college I accepted a job as a personal trainer because I knew in my gut that was the right decision.

When I started working I was worried that I wasn't "fit enough" or "strong enough" (insert all the self doubt.)

But what I did know was that I could relate to people because:

I have struggled (and often still do)

I have lost weight

I have wanted to change my life

I have set goals and accomplished them (and failed at them)

And I continue to learn and improve every day

I know that if you are ready to make a change, I can help you.

Now for the 3rd person "fancy" bio information.

Lindsey is a personal trainer and life coach with over a decade of experience working with a wide variety of clients. She completed her undergraduate degree at Truman State University with a focus in exercise physiology and emphasis in psychology. Over the last nine years she has held a variety of positions including a leadership role as an assistant department head, she has taught group personal training classes, and connected with clients in individual sessions. In 2013 she graduated from Adler Graduate School with a Master's in Psychotherapy and an emphasis in Career Coaching. She also holds a Professional Life Coaching certification and is a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer.

When not working with clients you can find her training for obstacle course racing, adventuring and traveling around the United States, hanging out with her fur babies, drinking coffee, and hunkering down for the upcoming cold Minnesota winter.

Degrees and Certifications

M.A. Counseling and Psychotherapy with a focus in Career Counseling, Adler Graduate School

B.S. Exercise Science with a focus in Exercise Physiology, minor in Psychology, Truman State University

Certified Personal Trainer - National Academy of Sports Medicine

Certified Professional Life Coach - Adler Graduate School