6 Lessons From 6 Years in Business

There is no other choice. 


I still remember so vividly sitting in a windowless room when it hit me. 


  • I no longer fit in the box.
  • My ideas were too big and not valued.
  • I would not be able to support a corporate mission.
  • I wanted time and choice freedom in my life.
  • I was capable.
  • I could do hard things.


So I put in my 2 weeks notice, said good-bye to people who meant a lot to me, and left the gym where I started my career. The only professional place I had known.

My business was born out of a deep desire and knowing that I was built for more and I really felt I had no other choice for my life than to create what I wanted.


Thursday - April 1st was my 6th business birthday (no April Fool’s here) and I'm so proud of myself for awakening to the reality of that windowless room.


I have written a recap of each year except for last year - my 5 year anniversary which happened to fall 2 weeks into our national shutdown of the pandemic. For at least a month I tried to sit down and write something but since my business had been entirely up-ended, I couldn’t get the words out.


Before I share my 6 lessons in 6 years, I want to acknowledge myself because I’m so damn proud of my ability to  change my business model in a heartbeat, hold space and support clients throughout a stressful, emotional and uncertain time. 


Not only that, I was able to support new clients, create an entirely new part of my business (which is SO EXCITING) and spend more time relaxing, training and being outdoors.


Alright - here we go. 6 Lessons From 6 Years in Business.

1 - There is no other choice.

Over the years, but especially this last year, I have had some friends and family members repeatedly tell me that it’s so impressive how I left my job and have created my own business.

To which I found myself saying “there is no other choice for me.” Of course there is. I could get a job and be an employee. But what I have come to know about myself so very deeply is that I value independence of time and thought.

I value being able to create what I want. I value making choices about afternoons or weekends off without someone telling me I can or I can’t. I value choice. So there is no other option for me than this one. 

And with that comes a lot of stress. Everything rides on me to get it done. That’s the trade-off. And on the hard days I have to remember that the choice to do life my way is worth all the stress. 

2 - It takes time.

We all know this. All things take time. Creating a healthy lifestyle, building new habits, getting an education, and building and growing a business. No matter what the internet tells you, everything takes time.

These days time is a strange concept. It feels like ages since I worked at the gym and also it feels like I blinked my eyes and here I am 6 years later. There have been MANY days where I want and wish to wake up to the business I can envision. 

3 - Take the next best step.

 Building on #2 - in order to remind myself that it takes time, I constantly take the next best step. Who knows if it’s the “right” one, but it’s the next best.

I have started and tried many different programs or classes in the last 6 years and most of them didn’t make it. Not because they were bad, but because either I didn’t follow them all the way through or they just weren’t a fit for me and my clients.

To the same friends and family who are amazed at how brave I am to choose this life, I remind them that this is how I survive. Each day, I will do my best with the next best step and move from there. Like all changes in life - one small step every day creates HUGE change in the long term.

4 - Have a business disaster relief plan.

I have my clients in my Fitness & Wellness Business Mentorship program do this. What is your plan for the days which you want to throw in the towel, scream at the top of your lungs and go GET A JOB? What will you do on those days?

For me - I step away from the work I’m attempting to do that’s not getting done and I network. I set up appointments to meet new people. Sounds a little counter-intuitive, especially as an introvert but it works. When you meet new people and share what you do with them, they always reflect back the best parts of you. 

5 - The devil is between the ears.

Uff da. This one might be the biggest lesson I have learned and will continue to learn. The stories I tell myself about how I’m not good enough at what I do, how I should have a much bigger business than I do, and just the mind trash. It swirls around and if I’m not careful - it can take over.

I was on a networking call (see #4) and the woman asked me how many clients I retained during covid. She was SHOCKED when I said 100% and that I gained a few new ones. And I mean shocked. I proceeded to blow her mind and share with her that I still have clients I started with 15 years ago. I could add in how my business mentorship clients are all doing incredible work and on and on and on. I guess I’m kind of ok at this huh? 

6 - Gratitude.

I will never stop having such immense gratitude for all of you who choose to work with me. In a service based business - without YOU - I am not here doing this work.

Who knows what the next year will hold. Or the next six. Or ten. What I do know is the feeling I have when ……..

I get off a zoom group training session (complete with party glasses, leotards, music and smiles) 

I  witness breakthroughs happen with my clients in their businesses

I spend my days smiling and laughing with clients for their 1-1’s

I am asking really challenging, yet transformational questions of a client during a life coaching session

I do a talk or speech and know I have impacted someone’s life

I record a podcast and know it will help someone

I have an incredible networking session with a new connection

I make brave decisions to do the next best thing

It’s all worth it.

THANK YOU for being here. It means more than you could imagine.


In the spirit of taking the next best step - here are some things I am currently working on and have coming up.


  • Fitness & Wellness Business Mentorship - more information HERE.


  • Jumpstart Your Fitness and Wellness Business Private 3-Part Podcast Series - get it HERE.


  • Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast  - find blogs and podcast links on my website HERE


  • Post-Covid Workshops - coming soon. Processing the last year, what it meant for you and create your path forward.


  • Life Coaching - want to dive a little deeper into your life? Goals? What's standing in your way? - EMAIL me at lindsey@lindseyheiserman.com



The beginning of online training and group classes - April 2020 and the fun and laughter filled 6th Anniversary Celebration work out.

We are all so resilient. ❤️

Lindsey Heiserman Coaching
Lindsey Heiserman Coaching - 6 Year Business Anniversary Celebration
Lindsey Heiserman Coaching

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