5 Lessons From Quarantine

Hi! Quarantine life. I’m working in bed, with coffee, two dogs and my thoughts. You? Here we are, in a place we never thought we would be, in quarantine. It’s so interesting watching how everyone is reacting and also bringing down my “invincible young person” attitude.

I recorded a podcast “5 Lessons From Quarantine” to share my personal experiences and thoughts so far. LISTEN HERE


Space and Time

With all the space and time – what are you going to do? In case you needed permission – you do not HAVE to clean your house, purge your garage, organize your spice rack or do any of those things if you don’t want to. I’m taking time to do puzzles, watch more tv than I normally do, and simply relax. Being at ease and not in a push to DO things can help us with our stress. What are you doing with your space and time?


Know Yourself

I know already that I do NOT want to be an online personal trainer or life coach as the only thing that I do. I need to see you, be face to face and hang out with people. I’ve also found out I’m an extroverted introvert. I like both.  This quarantine has given me the opportunity to really think about who/what/how I want to be/do/have. What about you?



I don’t have much to say here except I am so grateful. I acknowledge that much of my gratitude does come with a lot of privilege. But wow – many of my clients are adapting, I have a home, I have the ability to create income, and my mindset is one of intense gratitude – even (and more so) now.



Hello creativity!! As soon as I was forced to think of different ways of doing things, even MORE ideas came rushing in. And ideas for my friends with businesses, ways to serve and help and so much more. I’d love to know if you’re experiencing this – many of my friends have said they are too.



Give yourself a huge pat on the back because we are all so RESILIENT right now. We have had to be – we are all adapting, changing, and molding. Also – there is no other way. 🙂


How are you doing??

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Community Work Outs

Did you know I am now hosting 4 virtual community work outs per week? Check out all the details HERE.



Hope to see you there – you just need yourself, Zoom, and water!


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