3 Decluttering Questions to Ask Yourself

It's all connected. Our mental, physical and emotional health. What can be overlooked is the clutter in our spaces - home, office and mind. In this episode, I talk about 3 decluttering questions that could help you have an easier time deciding what to get rid of, what to donate and what to keep.

I also share my own story around decluttering, what I am getting rid of (and why) and how that's affecting my life.

Mind Muscle and Movement Podcast. "3 Questions to Ask While Decluttering" Season 5, Episode 6

3 Decluttering Questions

  1. Does it make me feel good?
  2. Could I replace it?
  3. What would my life be like without it?


These questions will help you decide what to do and take the overwhelming task of decluttering and break it down.


In the episode, I also talk about doing small things. We often get so caught up and overwhelmed by "everything" that we end up doing nothing.


Decluttering could take as little as 1 minute to clean out the 'catch all chair' or to put the dishes away. In our mind, we create a story that it will take FOREVER.....or that we need to do the entire house at once. And that's simply not true.

Listen to the episode:

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You have access to the Decluttering workshop once you join and we dove deep into the connection between mental health and clutter. Turns out (no surprise) that everything is so tightly woven.


How is it connected for you?


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