Confessions From A Personal Trainer: I Am A Ninja

True Confession Tuesday

Where every Tuesday: I confess.

Confession: I can run up a warped wall just like on the show American Ninja Warrior.

okay, okay, maybe not JUST like on the show. But I AM working on running up the shorter wall. 

I have been going to the ninja training gym for a few months but only on a drop in basis. Every time I’m there I try new things but I always seem to get frustrated.

I alternate in my mind between “This is so cool learning and trying these new things” to “Why do I bother? I can’t do ANYTHING.”

Of course the mindset of not being able to do anything is completely unreasonable and frankly, not true. I can run up the shortest wall and now the medium sized wall, I can swing all the way across the rings, I can do the tilting ladder, I can run the quintuple steps and more I am likely forgetting.

But it is SO EASY to get frustrated and irritated and mad by all the things I can’t complete on the first try. ON THE FIRST TRY – how unreasonable is that??

Does this happen to you? It is so easy to get mad, upset, frustrated, and angry by all the things we can’t do on the first try.

  • You tried a new recipe and it didn’t work out
  • You tried a new work out class and felt really out of place
  • You tried to learn a new language (and gave up after one day!)
  • You started a business and some things work and some things don’t (on wait – that’s me!) 🙂

During the Go Ruck last week, the Cadre kept saying “The only thing that matters is your effort. I need to see that you are putting forth the best and most effort that YOU can.” That really resonated with me and keeps coming back. It is highly likely that we will not be successful at anything the first, or second, or third or fifteenth try. But what matters is our efforts and our attitude.

Every time I step into that ninja gym, I talk to myself about putting forth the best effort that I can and to limit my frustration with myself. This is also not a new effort for me. I wrote about my first day at the ninja gym back in February – the same day I went on my first fat bike ride. It’s a good one- CHECK IT OUT HERE. 

On the same vibe of trying new things, I want to send a big thank you to the ladies who came to the first obstacle course training class last Saturday. They tried new things for over an hour, never complained (okay maybe a tiny amount!), and had a great time! I will see you for the next one on Saturday July 30th at 10:00 AM. Get updates on the website. 


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